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Welcome, Γεια σας!

Welcome to Agora, the design system that stands as the backbone of Board—a platform where creativity and collaboration are amplified through thoughtful design. Agora is the blueprint that ensures Board remains intuitive, functional, and scalable.

Getting Started

Agora is the foundational design system for Board, embodying the principles and elements that keep our platform cohesive and efficient. Yet, Agora is more than a Board and can facilitate the development of other products with ease.

Figma Resources

To align with Agora's components, styles, and icons, Board offers a suite of Figma community files. For those new to Figma, we recommend exploring our introductory guide. Begin with these essential resources:

Icon Library

Illustration Library

Understand the Design Philosophy

To successfully build with Agora, one must understand its core foundations. Before you begin designing, please familiarize yourself with the fundamentals and design philosophy by turning to the next page.

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