What to Avoid

Overly Complicated Language

  • Don't use jargon or technical terms when simple words will do.

  • Example to Avoid: "Leverage Agora's multifaceted digital interface for enhanced communal interaction."

Lengthy Explanations for Simple Actions

  • Don't drown users in details for straightforward tasks.

  • Example to Avoid: "To initiate the process of setting up your Agora profile, begin by navigating to the top right corner..."

Negative or Passive Tone

  • Don't frame messages in a way that sounds pessimistic or passive.

  • Example to Avoid: "Unfortunately, you might not find this feature easy to use..."

Over-Promising or Hyperbolic Claims

  • Don't create unrealistic expectations about Agora’s features.

  • Example to Avoid: "Agora will revolutionize every aspect of your digital life."

Gendered or Exclusive Language

  • Don't use language that could be perceived as excluding any group.

  • Example to Avoid: "Every businessman will find Agora’s networking tools useful."

Overuse of Technical Details

  • Don't overload users with technicalities unless necessary.

  • Example to Avoid: "Agora’s algorithm uses advanced cryptographic protocols..."

Unnecessary Formality

  • Don't be overly formal; keep the tone friendly and approachable.

  • Example to Avoid: "We hereby invite you to peruse the myriad features offered by Agora."

Insensitive or Culturally Ignorant Statements

  • Don't make statements that could be offensive or show cultural insensitivity.

  • Example to Avoid: "Agora is the Swiss Army knife of social platforms, handy for every scenario."

Ambiguity in Instructions

  • Don't leave users confused about what actions to take.

  • Example to Avoid: "Just click around and you’ll eventually figure out how to use Agora."

Generic and Impersonal Messaging

  • Don't use blanket statements that don’t address specific user needs.

  • Example to Avoid: "All users will enjoy every feature we have."


Agora's content should always be clear, concise, inclusive, and reflective of our community values. Avoiding these pitfalls ensures a more engaging and positive experience for all users.

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