For the scalability the icons are named in this way:

name=search, size=small, outlined=yes

How To Use

While using SwiftUI you access the icons by the name convention on the example below:

Icon(name: "link", outlined: false, color: Color("darkGreyDL"))

Insert this line and change the characteristics of the icon easily. It will be 26x26 if you like to change the size you will need to add width and height to the line, like the code below:

Icon(name: "link", outlined: false, color: Color("darkGreyDL"), width: 30, height: 30)

The underlying Image view for the icon element that we are using is shown below:

Image("name=link, size=small, outlined=no")
                                .frame(width: 26, height: 26)

We do not recommend this solution unless its needed. Icons can be changed easily by changing the name directly from the code and you can make it outlined or change the icon details by changing the size directly from the Image() view.

Always use .resizable() and .renderingMode(.template) to allow changing the size and color of the icons.

Icon library is constantly changing and updating please check the figma file to keep updated.

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