Our design system is founded on inclusive design principles, ensuring our products are usable by everyone, reflecting the full range of human diversity. We commit to:

  1. Human-Centered Design: Our success is gauged by our ability to meet diverse user needs and preferences.

  2. Collaborative Co-Design: We engage with users of all abilities as co-designers to ensure our products are accessible and intuitive.

  3. Adaptive Innovation: Our design process is flexible, responsive to user feedback, and recognizes the complexity of integrating accessibility into a dynamic technological landscape.

Key Commitments:

  • Edge User Expertise: We integrate the insights of 'edge users' directly into our design process, valuing their unique contributions to creating functional and accessible products.

  • Accessible Tools: Our design practices and tools are accessible, promoting contribution from all team members.

  • Openness: We champion open standards to foster compatibility and extension by a broad community.

  • Iterative Design: Our approach is iterative, rapidly adapting to include new requirements and scenarios to better serve user needs.

Resources: - Floe Project

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