Agora's brand identity is dynamically represented through a curated selection of visual assets, specifically tailored for brand and marketing purposes. Our imagery is crafted to resonate with our audience, reflect our brand's energy, and enhance user engagement across all touchpoints.


  • Board Illustration Library: This exclusive collection embodies Agora's vibrant brand palette and playful spirit. The illustrations depict scenes of action and interaction, conveying information in an approachable manner that enriches the user's context and experience.


  • Live Videos and Portraits: Authenticity captures the essence of Agora's community. Our live videos are snapshots of dynamism, showcasing the lively events that define our brand. Portraits of artists and participants radiate genuine joy, with each smile and expression aligned with our branding's warmth and quality.

  • Color Grading and Quality: Far from the generic, every image reflects Agora's aesthetic standards. With meticulous color grading and a clear focus on high resolution, our visuals stand out for their quality and alignment with our brand narrative.

Usage Guidelines


  • Utilize approved Agora illustrations to enhance understanding and add a friendly touch to your projects.

  • Incorporate live videos and portraits to showcase Agora's dynamic community events.

  • Ensure that all visual assets maintain a high standard of color grading and quality, representative of Agora's branding.


  • Avoid using any visual assets that imply Agora's endorsement or affiliation without explicit permission.

  • Steer clear of modifying approved visuals in ways that compromise their integrity or misalign with brand guidelines.

  • Refrain from using low-quality or stock imagery that doesn't reflect the authentic Agora experience.

The visual assets of Agora, including all illustrations and photographic content, are intended solely to represent Agora's brand and should not be repurposed in ways that misrepresent or dilute the brand identity. They are a key part of our trademarked material and must be used in accordance with our brand guidelines.

For further inquiries or permissions regarding the use of Agora's visual assets, please reach out to our team for assistance.

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